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IoT Is Joined at Your Hip

Unless you’ve been living under a proverbial (or literal) rock, or your passion for Black Mirror has made you disconnect from all technology whatsoever, you’ve probably heard of the #Internet of Things (#IoT). While the IoT is still mainly utilized in the industrial sector, there are a number of IoT-ready products that have hit the […]

Project Deep Dive: SAP HANA Essentials

Even in this age of digital media and ubiquitous online content, books still possess a certain aura of magic. We have a tendency to view books only as the finished product, the perfectly polished manuscripts that came flowing out from the author’s mind in just a few sittings.

Get the Inside Scoop on Your Customers

I love Cindy Alvarez‘s book, Lean Customer Development (full disclosure: I edited that book). Cindy takes Steve Blank’s customer development work and brings it right down to earth, offering strategies for making sure you’ve got customers before you spend “months and millions” developing your product. It’s a very practical book aimed at helping both lean […]