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Three UX Blunders You’re Probably Making

As content marketers, we’re responsible for creating content that resonates with our core audience, motivating them to action during various stages of the buyer cycle. We often pour countless hours into audience research, and yet it’s easy to lose sight of the most fundamental characteristic of all audiences: they are human beings.

Which Silicon Valley Character Are You?

Staying on top in the tech word is a daunting task. It’s easy to become consumed by benchmarks, budgets, and trends, not to mention the daily rigmarole. That’s why HBO’s Silicon Valley has felt like a breath of fresh air in this technology-driven rat race. With season 2 of Silicon Valley underway, you may find […]

Humanizing B2B Marketing with Visual Content

As SAP CMO Jonathan Becher famously stated, “…big glass buildings don’t buy software, people do.” So why do so many marketers still act as though they’re selling to big glass buildings? It’s time to humanize #B2B marketing. It’s time to create content that speaks to people and their needs, behaviors, and points of pain. Good […]