How B2B Tech Marketers Know When PR Isn’t Working

Last week we reviewed the first of Suzanne Block’s two-part strategy to win at #PR. Today we will focus on the second part of Block’s strategy, as well as how to diagnose when your PR relationship just isn’t working out.   [av_button label=’GIVE ME CONTENT ADVICE TODAY’ link=’’ link_target=’_blank’ size=’x-large’ position=’left’ icon_select=’yes’ icon=’ue83c’ font=’entypo-fontello’ color=’orange’ custom_bg=’fa8f00′ custom_font=’ffffff’ av_uid=’av-7yznzp’]   Strategy 2: Relationship Bliss Managing expectations for product vs. technology landscape knowledge is essential to succeeding with the second part of Block’s strategy: creating an optimal relationship with your strategic communications agency. She gave some good advice about how to know whether or not your relationship is working, telling me, “If at the end of a PR engagement you don’t know how to explain your product better than you did before, that PR engagement didn’t work.” Companies should be working towards creating a long-term relationship with their PR firm to maximize their ability to reach those key gatekeepers. So what are some ways to know if your relationship is working? Well, for one, you should be excited by the vision your firm is offering. As Block said, she knows a client is onboard when they “pull in their chief executives because … Continue reading How B2B Tech Marketers Know When PR Isn’t Working