One Size PR Does Not Fit All for B2B Tech Marketers

Tech entrepreneurs are skilled innovators who identify the market need for the “next big thing” and then build products that address those problems. Yet, when it’s time to get their product noticed, they may not know the best way to utilize a more conventional communication strategy: namely, #PR.   [av_button label=’GIVE ME CONTENT ADVICE TODAY’ link=’’ link_target=’_blank’ size=’x-large’ position=’left’ icon_select=’yes’ icon=’ue83c’ font=’entypo-fontello’ color=’orange’ custom_bg=’fa8f00′ custom_font=’ffffff’ av_uid=’av-72gbry’]   Over the past few months, we’ve analyzed how to make PR work for B2B technology marketers. Recently, I spoke with Suzanne Block, Account Supervisor at Merritt Group, a PR, digital and creative firm that specializes in B2B #tech PR. Our conversation highlighted a crucial issue we haven’t touched upon in earlier blogs: what is the best strategy for tech companies to achieve a PR victory? Like a coach prepping her team for a crucial game, Block recommended following a two-part strategy to win at PR. Strategy 1: Fit and Match Too often, companies think all PR firms are the same. Or they choose solely based on reputation. Block emphasized that all strategic communications are not created equal. Selecting a firm with expertise in your particular field and that can meet your specific needs … Continue reading One Size PR Does Not Fit All for B2B Tech Marketers