Books with Impact

  • Books are the perfect way to capture your story and position yourself in the marketplace.
  • A book can live for years, creating alignment and supporting onboarding of new staff.
  • Books create content at scale that can be repurposed in myriad ways.

Four Ways to Use a Book

Thought Leadership

Does your technology define a new category? What better way to own a category than to write the book on it. We ensure success by enlisting your braintrust in our proven and surprisingly painless book development process.

Event Support

Books can be used to launch events or capture content from events. Either way, your event, and the investment in collecting the ideas of many people, is amplified through publication.

Company Growth

When your company has grown so big that not every knows your name, it’s likely that not everyone at the business understands fully what the company does. A book can be a unifying force in telling your business strategy, offering a detailed understanding of your products so that as your staff grows, everyone stays aligned.


Whether you want to publish new ideas or you’re capturing hard fought experience, people rely on books to learn and spread knowledge. And a book is only the beginning: Knowledge can be encapsulated in a book but then used in hundreds of ways, including in other content assets.

Writing a book generates value, both during the process of creation, and when it’s done.

A book can provide value in the near and long term, and is easily convertible to other assets.

Let us help you get your ideas out into the world.