Who We Serve

We Know the Struggle to Communicate is Real, and Can Help

Who We Serve

We Know the Struggle to Communicate is Real, and Can Help

An Integrated Method

Our model combines our Team Writing method, deep industry expertise, and knowledge of the technology marketing process to create effective content that educates prospects about how a product addresses pain with differentiating capabilities.

Marketing Savvy

We know how product marketing, demand generation, and corporate communications departments do their jobs. Our content is on message and tuned to the needs of technology marketing programs.

Product Marketing:

We Put the Product in Content

To be effective, Product Marketing must explain how differentiating features create value. Without this, marketing is merely a parade of value claims and social proof. But to create such content, the writing team must understand the product, the market, the history, and the engineering innovations. Evolved Media’s team has the background experience and expertise to comprehend what you are learning about your product and create content that truly educates the market.

Foundation White Papers

Explain the pain, the forces driving the market, and the logic of the product.

Product Deep Dives

Provide a guided tour of the architecture and features.

Custom Research

Explore vital topics in detail through qualitative research.

Competitive Comparisons

Analyze key points of differentiation with respect to competitive products and approaches.

Demand Generation:

Compelling Stories About Your Special Sauce

B2B demand generation requires stories that deeply connect with and motivate prospects who have a need for your product. Pain and ambition drive that need. Business conditions force the issue, leading to action. Evolved Media understands B2B buyers and what motivates them. Our demand gen content tells the story of your special sauce in the context of the pain and ambition of the prospects.

Tips and Tricks

Compelling content that provides solutions to common problems.

Case Studies

Explanations of how others successfully put the product to use.

Buyer’s Guides

Guides to how to evaluate solutions.

For Dummies Books

A powerful brand for explaining topics in an accessible way.

Corporate Communications:

Content that Makes Your Stars Shine

Corporate Communications must shine a spotlight on what is great about a company and its executives. Evolved Media’s accomplished writing team understands the nuances of what your CEO, CTO, head of product, and other executives have to say. Through interviews, we capture what they have learned and find stories that amplify the heroic narrative at the heart of all great companies

Executive Articles

Broadcast the brilliance of your brain trust.

Thought Leadership Books

Take the lead in defining your category.

Trend Analysis

Sort out the complex issues facing your customers.

Investor-focused Content

Explain the market works and why you will win.

What we do for:


Explain differentiating product features


Fill the funnel with engaging content


Tell the hero story


Craft innovative, placeable articles


Prepare the sales staff for battle


Create a continuous content machine


Explain the technology and product vision


Capture the technology architecture