Marketing Know How: Purpose-built Content For Technology Marketing

Every type of content has its personality. Ads and blogs get right to the essential point. White papers may spend much more time on context and then build a rock solid argument. Infographics, eBooks, and videos entertain while they tell the main points of the story.

Since 2003, Evolved Media has created numerous examples of all of these types of content and received feedback from our clients about what works and what doesn’t. We won’t give you a wall of text when bullet points, headings, and graphics are needed. We also won’t shy away from presenting a deep dive when that’s needed as well.

We know how to create content purpose-built to perform well in your marketing programs.


“Evolved Media is excellent at taking a highly technical feature and translating the business value through an interesting story.”
Stephen Wooledge

VP of Marketing, Arcadia Data