Team Writing: Repeatable, Scalable Content Creation

Team Writing is a repeatable, scalable process for capturing knowledge and creating content about complex topics. Evolved Media’s Team Writing process solves many of the enduring problems of creating high quality and effective content: coordinating the needed set of skills in an efficient manner that makes it easier to create content over time.

B2B technology marketing makes use of Team Writing to explain the pain addressed by a product, how a product works, and evidence about why a product is working in the marketplace. To do this, the knowledge must be harvested from those who have it, often people who are too busy or do not have the skills to write.

The Team Writing process solves this problem by using a division of labor. Some members of the team can understand what an expert is saying and explain the story. Other members convert that story into effective content. The team creates a better outcome than anyone could do on their own.

Capturing Differentiating Knowledge: How the Editor/Analyst Role Bridges Tech and Content

One of the key features of Team Writing is the use of an editor/analyst role to perform research interviews with experts. The editor/analyst role bridges the gap between the complex world of technology and the product and the domain of content creation. The analyst skills enable complete understanding of what the expert is saying. The editor skills help identify the news, that is the compelling stories present in what the company is learning about making its product successful. The editor/analyst explains to the rest of the team how the research should be crafted into compelling content.


“Evolved Media is excellent at taking a highly technical feature and translating the business value through an interesting story.”
Stephen Wooledge

VP of Marketing, Arcadia Data