Corporate Communications: Content that Makes Your Stars Shine

Corporate Communications must shine a spotlight on what is great about a company and its executives. Evolved Media’s accomplished writing team understands the nuances of what your CEO, CTO, head of product, and other executives have to say. Through interviews, we capture what they have learned and find stories that amplify the heroic narrative at the heart of all great companies.

Types of Projects

Authenticity is crucial to successful brand identity. To achieve this type of credibility, Corporate Communications must tell stories that are grounded in experience. Evolved Media has created many books that allow the hero story to be told in great detail in ways that support training new staff, analyst relations, and creation of marketing content. We also frequently interview senior executives and generate content to use for company blogs or contributed articles.


“Writing a book is not easy. The Evolved Media team was not only able to pull it off, but they guided us through the whole process, helping us deliver a great book with lasting value. Not just anybody can do that.”
Scott Regan from

Apigee -Head of Marketing, Gradle Inc.

“Dan is a technology savvy content creator that understands my business and industry – and that’s across multiple businesses. “
Jeff Morris

Former Head of Product Marketing, Neo4j

“Evolved does a great job of listening to us and then creating content that can be repurposed again and again – taking whitepapers, helping string that into interesting blog content and sometimes even further ”

“My organization was very happy that we included Dan as our keynote feature during our road tour!”