Visual Realism: The Way to Build Trust With Your Audience

Big glass buildings don’t buy software, people do.

-SAP CMO, Jonathan Becher

Savvy B2B tech marketers know that in marketing to companies, you are marketing to individuals. As we’ve said before, visual content is a powerful tool that marketers can use to connect with their audiences, engage the senses, and drive action. CMI’s Victor Gamez writes about how marketers can leverage “glitch aesthetic” (emulating the look and feel of user-generated content) to build trust.

You might find yourself wondering if glitch aesthetic is just a shiny new tool reserved for the cool kids in B2C marketing. We say – absolutely not! The B2B tech marketing world desperately needs more authentic, resonant imagery that captures the experiences, challenges and desires of its audience. Evolved Media thinks using glitch aesthetic, or assuming the visual perspective of that audience, is a great way to do it.

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