Product Marketing Lessons From HBO’s Silicon Valley

HBO’s Silicon Valley is a hilarious and true-to-life version of many of the issues young companies face when trying to take a product to market that uses advanced technology. While anyone who has seen the show recognizes that many of the situations are exaggerated for comic effect, much of the journey that the show’s main character, Richard Hendricks, and his company, Pied Piper, go through, are accurate depictions of the lifecycle of startups.

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Happier Clients in 2017

Well, it’s hard to believe, but it’s that time of year again. It’s New Year’s resolution time.

Granted, most resolutions are personal – to travel or read more, lose weight, to be more vocal at work. But companies can have resolutions too. And here at Evolved Media, we’ve already looked back at what we learned in 2016, and now we want to look forward and to lay down some resolutions including what we hope to get better at so that we can provide even better service for clients. Here are our four resolutions for 2017.

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Pack Your Bags for Your PR Journey

We’re living in an era where outsourcing our lives has never been easier. From driverless cars to Amazon home delivery of almost any product we could ever need possible at the click of button, it’s increasingly easy to automate our existence. Yet, too often, companies approach in the same way – as something to turn over to someone else, as something done for the company, rather than with it. But to get the most of PR, you need to establish a strong relationship between the PR firm or consultant and the business that’s being represented. Read more

PR Needs To Be Watered with Quality Content

In many ways, social media has turned an old adage on its head: impatience now seems to be a virtue. Instant fame, or at least instant notoriety, is just a few tweets or scandalous photos away for those who want it. And there’s pressure on new businesses to achieve this same type of instantaneous success. That’s why it’s understandable that companies who get an infusion of VC capital or are rushing to market with a product, are tempted to jump into a campaign immediately. But too often, this is a costly mistake. A little patience can save a lot of money in the long run.

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