Why Content Is A Part of Your B2B Tech Product

Increasingly, technology allows people to have customized experiences, finely tuned to their personal preferences. ESPN.com lets me filter sports news so that scores and updates from my favorite teams appear first. Apps like Feedly show me only the news that I’m interested in. Hulu asks me whether I find its ads relevant, and changes the ads I see based on my responses.

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Social Selling: Back to the Future for B2B Content Marketing

Technology constantly changes the way we interpret and think about language. The result is that words carry different meanings for different generations. Say stream, text, cells, and tweets to a grandmother and she’ll probably think of water, a book, prisons, and birds. Mention the same four words to her grandson, and it will likely invoke Netflix, messaging, iPhones, and Twitter. Our technology changes the way we speak as much as it changes the way we work.

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How Not To Commit Content Marketing Fraud

From childhood onwards, life can seem full of frauds. The kid down the street who cheats at “Candyland” becomes the coworker who takes credit for your work or the neighbor who lies on his taxes. It can take a lifetime to develop the ability to sniff out these charlatans, recognize their deceits and avoid falling prey to their manipulations. Too often, though, these people succeed in fooling the world and experiencing success they do not deserve.

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How to Overcome SEO Fatigue

Bring up the need to perform Engine Optimization () with executives at many businesses and you’re likely to hear a sigh. It’s a sigh born of exhaustion – exhaustion with the entire SEO process and a feeling that they’ve been there, done that, and are uncertain if they have anything to show for it. After that sigh, you’ll often here a familiar question: “If SEO is so essential, why haven’t we gotten any results when we’ve done it in the past?”

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Does Your Mid-Market B2B Marketing Technology Fit?

What technology makes sense for you and your current marketing strategy? Last week we took a deep dive into the marketing technology needs of small businesses. This week we want to look at the marketing technology fit for the mid-market.

To explore this question let’s take a look at the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud, which has the ambition to serve many different types of marketing technologies. By looking at what Teradata offers mid-market companies, we can understand your marketing technology fit. Read more

Does Your Small Business Marketing Technology Fit?

In the world of marketing, there are many different marketing strategies but to be successful, most companies will need some kind of technology. The question is, what technology makes sense for you and your current marketing strategy? In other words, does your marketing technology really fit you, or are you trying to wear something to small or too large? Read more