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PR Needs To Be Watered with Quality Content

In many ways, social media has turned an old adage on its head: impatience now seems to be a virtue. Instant fame, or at least instant notoriety, is just a few tweets or scandalous photos away for those who want it. And there’s pressure on new businesses to achieve this same type of instantaneous success. […]

Marketers Tend the Content Fires for Successful PR

Technology marketers often struggle to understand how, when, and where #PR factors into their company’s marketing program. That’s why we’ve been running a series of blogs that examines everything and anything #tech PR. So far we’ve looked at different types of PR firms, and how to choose the firm that’s right for your company. In […]

What Does PR Mean for Tech?

#Public relations is a term that covers the wild west of different types of firms doing vastly different things to help their clients. If you are a startup or a growing company, you may wonder if or when you need to use a #PR firm. In this first blog in our #tech PR series, we […]