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What Does PR Mean for Tech?

#Public relations is a term that covers the wild west of different types of firms doing vastly different things to help their clients. If you are a startup or a growing company, you may wonder if or when you need to use a #PR firm. In this first blog in our #tech PR series, we […]

Inject Some Fun with Comics in Your Marketing

We are in the midst of a golden age for #comics and #cartoons. Long overlooked as childish and simplistic, comics are finally getting the respect they deserve. From Hollywood Marvel blockbusters, to the haunting ferocity of Netflix’s Jessica Jones, to renowned literary graphic novels like The Watchmen, comics are taking center stage. And with good […]

6 Mini Recipes for Your Content Strategy

“There is no marketing today without content.” That’s the reflection of Helen Whelan, an expert content marketer at Apigee, a leading API management and predictive analytic company. Whelan has helped shape Apigee into an industry innovator in #content marketing strategies and publications. Apigee offers content in every form, from webinars, to e-books, to whitepapers, self-publishing […]

Data Science 101 — For Marketers!

With machine learning, convoluted algorithms, and advanced modeling, #data science has an intimidating aura, leading many marketers to believe that all data science requires super advanced analytic and programming skills most do not possess. Not true.

Tech Content Marketers are Advocates, Too

Quick: think back to the last time you made a major decision. Who did you seek out for advice? Not just anyone, right, but only those you trusted? It’s natural to seek outside expertise when making a decision, big or small. Trusted counsel is the basis of marriages and friendships, and a crucial component of […]