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Why B2B Marketing Should Titillate like Tabloid Journalism

Even if you have a Ph.D in astrophysics or biochemistry, or your artistic interests include Bach and John Cage, or your regular reading includes Thomas Pynchon and James Joyce, if you see a headline reading “17 Photos of Plastic Surgery Gone Disastrously Wrong,” you’re probably going to click on the link. Call it what you […]

Content Marketing Lessons From The History of Journalism

The Evolution of #journalism Journalism can help tech-focused B2B content marketers educate and reach their audience. Let’s start with some recent history. While content marketers have long recognized that the marriage of commerce and content is essential, it’s taken the past 20 years for institutional publishers to grasp the concept. These decades have completely eroded […]

Why Content Is A Part of Your B2B Tech Product

Increasingly, technology allows people to have customized experiences, finely tuned to their personal preferences. ESPN.com lets me filter sports news so that scores and updates from my favorite teams appear first. Apps like Feedly show me only the news that I’m interested in. Hulu asks me whether I find its ads relevant, and changes the […]

Does Your Mid-Market B2B Marketing Technology Fit?

What technology makes sense for you and your current marketing strategy? Last week we took a deep dive into the marketing technology needs of small businesses. This week we want to look at the marketing technology fit for the mid-market. To explore this question let’s take a look at the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud, which […]

Does Your Small Business Marketing Technology Fit?

In the world of marketing, there are many different marketing strategies but to be successful, most companies will need some kind of technology. The question is, what technology makes sense for you and your current marketing strategy? In other words, does your marketing technology really fit you, or are you trying to wear something to […]

Survivor’s Guide to Tech Startup Marketing Stage 3 and 4: Scaling Effectively and Marketing as a Central Nervous System

Stage 2 of tech startup marketing blog was the do-it-yourself phase. In stage 3, startups find that they need some very specific help to scale their marketing: someone who deeply understands their product and can help them define its personality. Stage 3 as outlined here is informed by a role Mark Lorion, CMO of Apperian, […]