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Big Data for B2B Marketing: The Art of Science

Big data. You collect it, you store it, you analyze it, but then what? Many marketers struggle to turn the raw material that is data into valuable, actionable, even inspiring insight. How do you transform mere numbers into a strategic vision? Today we take a step outside of the world of B2B tech, and take […]

Inspiration Takes Marketing to New Heights

From the time we entered kindergarten to high school graduation, we were all drilled in the “3 R’s”: reading, writing, and arithmetic. These skills form the foundation of what it means for an adult to be considered properly educated. But we’re now living in an era when computers are far more important than cursive. Despite […]

2015 Content Marketing Predictions: The Shotgun Wedding of Sales and Marketing

Last week in 2015 content marketing predictions, we discussed the increased use of analytics and how marketers will be held accountable for bottom-line results more than ever before. A related topic, which has the B2B content marketing world abuzz, is the prediction that sales and marketing will merge to form a single, numbers-driven entity: sales […]