Content Marketing Is a Ladder: How to Power Product Marketing with Embedded Content Marketing

As a nerdy person in general (I was pulling for Littlefinger in Game of Thrones – he should have realized he was being set up) and someone who is fascinated with the right way to do content and , it’s easy for me to get into a conversation with other nerdy people about which marketing methods are the most effective (for the record, Littlefinger would have been an excellent marketer).

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Content Rework Again? How to Avoid Recipes for Disaster

Jumpstart Your Mise en Place To Avoid

Mise en place is a French culinary term for “putting in place” or “everything in its place.” It refers to how you organize ingredients, equipment or a kitchen station before you begin cooking. It’s also a philosophy, a way to think about how to cook. A thoughtful mise en place leads to a more organized, efficient cooking process and a higher quality product. It can also minimize having to remake the broken mayonnaise, the burnt garam masala or the dried tarte crust. But this isn’t about cooking; this is about how to avoid content rework.

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How Google Approaches Content Creation as a B2B Marketer

We are working on a new B2B technology offer for our clients. In the presentation we are creating we have put our buyer at the center of the story. This approach is logical but not easy to execute. In this article, Kylie Lobell shares Google’s approach to creating content. Empathy is one of the tenets that the article explores. Yes we agree that intimately understanding your buyer is critical to creating content that attracts the audience.

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5 Tips to Bring the Art of Storytelling Back to B2B Marketing

We are in the golden age of . With the proliferation of marketing automation tools we can engage like never before with hyper-targeted audiences. Advanced analytics deliver in-depth insights to us in real time. But sometimes we get caught up in our shiny new tools and lose sight of the most fundamental content marketing wisdom: humans crave compelling stories. In the past we’ve written about the power of stories and how to humanize content. This week, we’d like to share some wise words from econtent magazine’s Andrew Martin on how to bring the art of back to .

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Inject Some Fun with Comics in Your Marketing

We are in the midst of a golden age for and . Long overlooked as childish and simplistic, comics are finally getting the respect they deserve. From Hollywood Marvel blockbusters, to the haunting ferocity of Netflix’s Jessica Jones, to renowned literary graphic novels like The Watchmen, comics are taking center stage.

And with good reason. Yes, cartoons and comics are fun. But they also do a masterful job of combining dialogue and visuals to create a lasting impression.

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Why the Tech Industry Should Adopt the Language of Polyamory

If, like me, you pay attention to writers like Dan Savage and generally keep up with pop culture, the concept of should have come to your attention in the past few years. If, like me, you are curious about new ideas, you may have read the books that Dan Savage referred to in his writings, such as Sex at Dawn, The Ethical Slut, Opening Up, and More than Two. These books, along with a variety of web sites describe what is happening with the emerging practice of polyamory.

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