Humanizing B2B Marketing with Visual Content

As SAP CMO Jonathan Becher famously stated, “…big glass buildings don’t buy software, people do.” So why do so many marketers still act as though they’re selling to big glass buildings? It’s time to humanize . It’s time to create content that speaks to people and their needs, behaviors, and points of pain. Good marketing should provide value and offer experiences that make the audience want to look, want to read, want to engage.

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Size Matters: The Power of Microstories

Everyone wants to know what makes a good story. But a novelist is in a very different business than an ad copywriter. Stories in the context of marketing and branding are too brief to use techniques of classic storytelling like narrative arcs and character development. Effective branding stories are told obliquely; they still involve characters with problems to solve, but the narratives that exist are fragmentary and depend on the viewer to complete or even originate them. To coin a term, we could call them “microstories.”

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