How To Be Brilliant and Beautiful: Visual Design for B2B Tech

With a slew of statics and recent articles championing the business value of visual content, it’s hard to deny the importance of visual design to any content marketing program. But all visual content is not equal, and inadequate design can hurt more than it helps. Before you begin fueling your B2B 2015 content marketing engine with design-driven marketing collateral, take a moment to go back to the basics of good design.

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Survivor’s Guide to Tech Startup Marketing Stage 3 and 4: Scaling Effectively and Marketing as a Central Nervous System

Stage 2 of tech startup marketing blog was the do-it-yourself phase. In stage 3, startups find that they need some very specific help to scale their marketing: someone who deeply understands their product and can help them define its personality. Stage 3 as outlined here is informed by a role Mark Lorion, CMO of Apperian, calls the marketing architect, as well as Catherine Juon’s book, Internet Marketing Start to Finish. In the final stage, marketing becomes part of your organization’s central nervous system. Read more

2015 Content Marketing Predictions: The Shotgun Wedding of Sales and Marketing

Last week in 2015 content marketing predictions, we discussed the increased use of analytics and how marketers will be held accountable for bottom-line results more than ever before. A related topic, which has the B2B content marketing world abuzz, is the prediction that sales and marketing will merge to form a single, numbers-driven entity: sales has its quotas and marketing its revenue-based, results-oriented KPIs. And like most shotgun weddings, it’s going to be a bit uncomfortable.

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